The dignity of all humans is untouchable.

Since no one chooses to get sick, no one should be discriminated for physical or mental health issues.

Yet, personal health data is exploited and used to discriminate against people, devastating their ability to find jobs, insurance coverage and economic stability.

Kailona provides open source health information technology to protect people from data exploitation, give them control over their health data, and improve the health of individuals and societies.


The world can verify: we keep your health data secure.

Right now, governments, device makers, and software companies are handing out your health data for corporations to exploit.

Developers use software languages to instruct computers and devices on what to do. The language is written as code. This code tells a system how to store data and how to move data around, including your health data. Most corporations hide their code to hide how they exploit your data. Their code books are sealed from the public and cannot be trusted.

Kailona provides open source code to the public. Our code is transparent so that you can trust us to keep your data secure.


Your health data is yours. You decide what to share and who to share it with.

For almost everyone, it’s nearly impossible to know who to trust with your health data, how to keep from being exploited, and how to practice self-determination in the digital age.

Kailona empowers you to securely aggregate and distribute your health information.

Imagine securely sharing ultrasounds of the baby with your family. Or perhaps being able to share blood test results to get a second opinion from a holistic medical provider. Or more easily sharing guardianship and health updates of a beloved parent as they age.


Seeing the connection between your behavior, nutrition and well-being allows you to change. Sharing an anonymized version of your data allows researchers to make faster progress with effective treatments.

Contemporary medicine is good at diagnosing illness, but not as good at healing people. Right now, the medical industry sequences genomes, gathers billions of data points, and generates millions of medical images, but it doesn’t have a way to fully utilize it. Exponential amounts of data has not led to an exponential improvement in effective methods of treatment and healing. Behavioral and nutritional data are the missing pieces.

We know that a lot of healing has to do with your behavior and nutrition. Kailona allows you to track behavioral and nutritional data and relate it with medical data; this is an opportunity for you to discover paths towards health and healing.

Kailona allows you to systematically manage activity, sleep, weight, nutrition, vital signs, lab results, medical images, medicines, and genomic data. Visualization tools allow you to understand the relationships between the data, your behavior and your health.

Kailona also enables you to help others. By securely sharing an anonymized version of your data with the research community, you accelerate innovation in diagnosis and treatment. You are not alone in your diagnoses, but rather a part of the effort to heal yourself and others.